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Embossed Necklace

Hobby Ideas Acrylic colour


  1. Mix the Hobby Ideas Shilpkar Hardener and Resin base to make an even dough.
  2. Take a small piece of dough, make a small round out of it and flatten it using a rolling pin.
  3. Make one big circle and two small circles of same size using the dough.
  4. Pinch holes on the top of the circles using a pin.
  5. Create impressions on the dough pieces using wooden stamp blocks and paint it with Pearl Rose Pink. Let it dry.
  6. Now using the dry brush technique make strokes over the painted pieces using Hobby Ideas Acrylic colour Colour - Pearl Metallic Gold. Let it dry.
  7. Thread in a black cord through the big circle to create a neck piece out of it.